BastionFlyff is a PvP focussed server build on v15. We keep the classics of Flyff but have done major changes and improvements to class skills and balance. Allowing for fresh playstyles and new builds to be discovered by players.

The aim is to allow anyone to start playing and sieging in the server without the need to endlessly grind for penya or equipment.


Whats new in Reforged?

There are a lot of small and big changes within BastionFlyff Reforged. To understand the full changelist and also the previous original feature list, please visit our features page.
Below is a short summary of a few key-points!

Transmute / Model Change system
Item Linking
PvP balance & reward rework
Additional cosmetic content
Brand new website
Improved new player experience


Why BastionFlyff

BastionFlyff is often praised for its small but tight community. We have a very open policy with our players within Discord. Feedback is always listened to but we take everything into consideration with our changes.

We hope to see you ingame soon!


Server Features

Below is a small section of the feature list of BastionFlyff. For more detailled information. Visit our features page!

Guild Siege Focus

Guild Siege runs multiple times a day and will be main way for you to max out your character.

Updated Vending

Instead of selling items for penya, you can sell items for Red Essence (Siege Currency) in your private shops.

Unique Weapons

BastionFlyff features a new set of Glacial Weapons, each one having a unique passive to change the way you play.

Siege Systems

Guild Siege has been adapted to work with killstreaks and shutdowns which results in instant rewards for the player.

Reworked Skills

Almost every class has new or reworked skills. Allowing for different playstyles and builds that were not viable before!

Open Community

BastionFlyff has an open community with plenty of communication between staff and players. Join our Discord to take part!